Alien without Extraordinary Ability


The game is set in a factory. Each worker enters the factory for the purpose of being granted a permanent residency. 

This residency grants the worker the privilege to live in the factory with a modest small room as accommodation with daily healthy soy-based meals provided and limited possibilities of travel, in and out of the factory.

There are aliens and local workers who desire this residency and thus are in competition for the limited placements available. In order to win, the players need to increase or decrease their skill scores, guess each other’s skill scores, negotiate with each other to exchang action cards, and perform monologue.The ones with the highest scores can win the permanent residency.

The scores are calculated in three categories - Selfishness, Creativity and Repetitiveness, but the journey is arduous. They have to go through deskilling and re-skilling, avoid accidents, win bonuses, and trigger social change in the board with the hope that they make it to the final round.

While the workers are in alliance or competition, in intense negotiation, the boss is always there, observing, watching, changing the already complicated rules, calculating, enforcing…because the boss wants to remain the boss of the factory, and the skill sets needed to run a factory in different times are never the same. He would not want to end up with a bunch of non-essential highly skilled workers! How would she/they/he know? She/they/he doesn’t have a skill checking machine to see where they all start with. “Who are the aliens of extraordinary abilities that I need here?” What he can do is to carefully, continuously, watch, observe, calculate, and from time to time, force them to perform and tell their stories, again, and again… meanwhile, hope the factory does not collapse.