Alien without Extraordinary Ability

Want to join our journey to play, perform, negotiate, and make change?

Are you a migrant worker? are you learning or working with the topic of migration and labour? Are you interested in using creative meidums to stimulate social dreaming to trigger social change in larger scale? I would love to get in touch with you, so we can support each other in the process.
Let’s not just build a theatrical board game, but also a network.

Here are some ways we can support each other:
1. Do you want to share your stories and experiences as migrant workers in our platform or in our game? Feel free to contact us!
2. Are you a socially and politically engaged individuals who are interested in design, theatrical practice, and other creative mediums? Let’s do something togther!
3. Sign up for the newsletter, follow our instagram, save our website simply, to keep yourself updated to our latest news.
4. Share the project with your network to help us reach larger audience.
5. Give us feedback, critque, suggestions, everything is welcome!
6. Simply play with us! Sign up for the newsletter , follow instagram, or save our webiste to keep yourself updated to our coming play test!

I can’t wait to hear from you!
Xiaoji 晓霁