Alien without Extraordinary Ability

How to Play II

Social Change Mechanism
Social change mechanism is different than how the rest of the game functions. In the game, there are regular skills such as selfishness, creativity, and repetitiveness. The deskilling cards and re-skilling cards are only used to calculate the numbers in those categories.
There are five hidden skills, also called social change skills, care, humidity, ambiguity, radical empathy, and solidarity.

These hidden social change skills can be activated by either getting a social change card, get an accident card, or read a scene from one’s script.
In social change, accident or bonus cards, if the social change skill mentioned in the card is not activated, it cannot be increased or decreased.

Among all the workers, if one player activate 5 social change skills and one player activate 4 social change skills, the factory collapse.
Among all the workers, if one player activate 5 social change skills, then the boss has to put the goal scores from the starting point, 5 points higher for each categories. (Benefit the workers!)

Among the workers with permanent residency, if they have activated together less than five social change skills, the boss’s goal scores from the starting point will be 5 points lower.  (Benefit the boss!)

Actions for the Turn of the Boss
Boss can choose from the following actions in the beginning of the turn:
    Ask one worker to perform the one scene from the monologue, the chosen worker has to play the scene instead of roll the dice.
    Roll the dice, you can take two tiles if your number is bigger than 3, otherwise one tile.
    Place the tiles to manipulate the game, you can put as many tiles as you own and as you want.

Don’t forget that! By the end of the round, the boss can ask a question!

Actions for the Workers
Workers can choose from the following actions in the beginning of the turn:

Perform a scene (in order, always start with the first one) from the script if asked by boss.
Roll the dice, move your miniature based on the number, then execute the actions indicated by the tile: draw one or two deskilling card or re-skilling card or social change card, or draw one out of accident or bonus card.

After drawing the card, the workers can do the following actions:
If the workers have re-skilling or deskilling cards, the cards can be given to another worker if the other worker accepts it through negotiation.

The workers who end up with new cards need to openly lay down the cards on their player areas openly.
Don’t forget that local worker can ask a question by the end of every two round!

When Does the Game End
The game ends after all the workers have reached the end of the map for the third time.

What Determines Victory
Scenario of Collapse
If the factory collapses, the boss lost, and the workers all win.

Scenario of non-Collapse
By the end of the game, the scores of each workers would be calculated.
Among the workers, whoever gets the two out of three highest total score become the candidates for permanent residency.
The boss then has to check the worker’s individual scores:
      If any of the worker meet the minimal requirement just by oneself, that worker wins the permanent residency, both the boss and the permanent resident win.
      If the boss need two workers to meet the minimal score, then both permanent residents win.
      If the boss cannot meet the minimal requirement, an anonymous voting (of all four players) will be hosted to vote for one winner among the workers.

Next Game
If the factory collapse, the boss becomes alien in the next game, and the worker with highest total score before the collapse become the boss.
If both the boss and the permanent resident win, the boss remains boss and the permanent residents become local in the next game.
If both permanent residents win, whoever holds the higher score become the boss in the next game, and the boss becomes local.
If voting happens, the voted winner becomes boss, and local remains local, boss becomes alien in the next game.