Alien without Extraordinary Ability

How to Play I

Everyone (alien or local workers) is guessing on each other’s starting card through the actions to reach their own goals.
The boss wants to keep the factory running with the minimal worker. The workers want to gain the right to stay.

Game Area
Game area includes the game board with the tiles for factory modification. The script should be placed on top of the game board.

Player Area
Player area includes the original character card (private and not shown to the rest of the players), and the rest of the action cards (open and shown to the rest of the players), a cheatsheet (if necessary, take notes for calculation and negotiation).

Start of the Game
At the start of the game, the characters are decided by rolling dice. The person with highest number is boss, the person with second higher number is the local worker.
After the characters are decided, everyone draws a card from the shuffled stack of character cards based on their own character. For alien workers, find the three scenes based on your characters. Now everyone should try to enter the role and start a round of casual self introduction (you do not have to give your real name!).

The introduction round happens in the following order: boss, local worker, alien worker can choose who to start with, but then stick with such order for the rest of the game. By the end of the introduction round, the boss can ask one question.

After this round of introduction, the game starts.

Round Structure
For each round, the players make move in the following order (decided in the first round):
1. The boss
2. The local worker
3. The alien worker 1
4. The alien worker 2

The Regular Factory Work Mechanism
While the boss can modify the factory map, force workers to perform, or ask questions, the workers have to roll the dice to move in the map. The tile they end up in the factory map would indicate the possible actions.

Social Life in Factory Mechanism
There can be discussion in-between, and deskilling and re-skilling cards can be given to other players if they accept them. Therefore, negotiation can happen between workers.
By the end of each round, boss can ask a question to any random worker of chosen.
By the end of every two rounds, the local worker can ask the alien worker a question.